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Modern Jeweler

In the September 2006 Issue

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Modern Jeweler
Fashion Forward
The pointy tipped oval known as a marquise has long been the queen of cuts. Now the shape is back and is also being translated into links, hoops, and even bracelets.

Gem Profile
This round brilliant diamond cut has extra brilliance thanks to its ten mains.

High and low, it's all in the mix. The strongest trend in fancy colors today is multicolor diamond jewelry at every price point.

Fancy colored diamonds have taken off. Have they gone too far too fast?

Gifts to celebrate the birth of a child are a growing grassroots tradition and your biggest untapped jewelry marketing opportunity.

Nothing seems quite as right on the ear this year as the ever-popular hoop earring.

This special supplement explores the rapid evolution of the jewelry business from India and its impact on the U.S. retailer.

Today the 3Pís are as important as the 4Cís.

Buyer's Choice
Top retail jewelers across the country report strong growth in fine watches this year. Here are their choices for the hot watch brands.

Jewelry Scene