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What's New in Silver

As you might expect with the high price of gold and platinum, there is growing interest in silver, especially sophisticated silver with the finish and craftsmanship you expect from fine jewelry. An impressive selection of new silver collections, many from established companies, was launched in Vegas this year. High-end designer lines, men’s lines, upscale lines from affordable brands, and affordable lines from upscale brands, gem-set, diamond-set, blackened, and two-tone silver—with all this variety, there is a new silver line for everyone this year. And, of course, there were great new collections from established silver lines.

Here, a selection of some of the most interesting new silver collections by Modern Jeweler’s editors. We’ve only scratched the surface. If you are looking to add a quick-turning new line at an affordable price point, make sure you ask all your best selling vendors in other metals if they have any new silver.

Sterling silver and diamond bracelet

Sterling silver and diamond bracelet from the new “Pure” collection by Hot Diamonds, (207) 338-0317.

Links and Pearls

Links and Pearls

Imperial’s new silver and pearls collection started with a long journey. President Peter Bazar spent months visiting pearl farms in Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands to find the right partners to begin importing raw pearls for processing at the company’s Rhode Island headquarters. When he began to buy bags of pearls from Manihiki in the Cook Islands, cleaning, matching, and drilling, after creating matched and multicolor strands, he was left with unusual one-of-a-kind pearls in unique shapes and colors. Those pearls now dangle from links in the bracelets, pendants, and earrings of the new “Manihiki” collection. To offset the subtle colors of the pearls, the collection is created in platinum-plated silver, which adds both durability and prestige to the silver styles. The collection retails from $375 to $1,495.

Link necklace in platinum-plated silver and Cook Island cultured pearls from the “Manihiki” collection by Imperial, (800) 556-7738.

enamel jewelry in 18k gold

Shades of Gray

The Soho brand is known for its brightly colored enamel jewelry in 18k gold. Its new collection departs from tradition in two ways—it’s created in sterling silver and it’s in subtle shades of gray. The unusual finishing process starts with oxidation and texturing of the silver piece. Then the silver is covered with a proprietary finish that looks like clear enamel, with the silver visible below, in three tones of gray. The new collection, called “Soho Slvr,” includes bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings. Each is handcrafted in Italy, requiring 20 hours to create. Many styles are accented with diamonds set in high-polished silver. Retail price points range from $350 to $1,295.

Bangles from the “Slvr” collection by Soho, (800) 699-SOHO.

sterling and diamond jewelry

Pure Luxury

Hot Diamonds, already successful with an affordable line of sterling and diamond jewelry that is popular with young consumers, is now targeting a more upscale consumer with a new line called “Pure.” The new brand features larger, stylish designs in streamlined and rounded contemporary shapes in rhodium-plated silver with two to 14 diamonds. Each design is produced in a limited edition of 925. Retail price points are $300 to $850, higher than the Hot Diamonds brand. “We see the line as being available in about 100 stores in the U.S.,” says Hot Diamonds vice president Julian Mullins. “I think the new brand will appeal to stores that don’t carry us but who sell other branded diamond collections.” Each piece will come with limited edition certificates and displays, wood boxes, and chocolate brown packaging.

Sterling silver and diamond pendant from the new “Pure” collection from Hot Diamonds, (207) 338-0317.

diamond jewelry but her first sterling silver collection

Under the Hammer

Rhonda Faber Green is best known for her feminine diamond jewelry but her first sterling silver collection hits a bit harder. Although the sterling silver jewelry styles feature some of her signature motifs, such as the fleur de lis and Maltese cross, and have millegrain details, the new collection has a distinctive texture achieved through hand hammering. Styles include hoop earrings, bangles, and stackable rings. Green uses black and white diamonds on her pieces, including a few unisex styles. Retail price points range between $200 to $2,000. Interestingly, the designer simultaneously introduced a companion collection: a 22k yellow gold line that features similar hammered finishes and details.

Hand hammered sterling silver bangles by Rhonda Faber Green, (310) 858-8688.

marcasite and silver

Tailored in Marcasite

This new brand from Colibri is a modern take on marcasite and silver. Not only is the silver rhodium plated, the marcasite is also, creating a sophisticated and sleek tone-on-tone look. The collection features both modern and vintage inspired styles targeted at a 25 to 50 year old career woman. The “Jet Set” collection features onyx and marcasite in Art Deco inspired designs. Edwardian lace has a delicate vintage appeal. “The marcasites are hand-set, not glued in like many affordable lines,” says Jimmy Muido of Colibri. The collection retails from $85 to $500 and a full range of marketing materials, displays, packaging, and other collateral is available.

Modern marcasite from the “Taylor Avedon” collection by Colibri, (401) 330-4430.

24k gold jewelry

Gurhan Rocks

While Gurhan has made its name with dramatic 24k gold jewelry, the brand has also delved into platinum and even palladium in its signature handcrafted style. But its new sterling silver men’s line, which debuted in Vegas, has a very different look and feel. The line, which retails from $180 to $1,000, is accented with saw-tooth edges, blackened details, and rock and roll motifs. “We were surprised how broad-based the appeal has been,” says Scott Marshall, marketing director. “The rock and roll flavor appeals to all ages and lifestyles.” In addition to cuff links, the line includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings, some with diamonds.

Sterling silver Cuff Links from Gurhan, (646) 230-1122.

blackened sterling silver and bright shades of enamel

The Colors of Calypso

The new “Calypso” line by Rina Limor for J.R. Gold is delightfully colorful. Styles combine blackened sterling silver, bright shades of enamel, and pavé sapphires and other gemstones for a remarkably rich and sophisticated look. Multicolor sapphire pavé beads punctuate a fashionably long 50-inch strand of pearls for $5,000 retail. Bright enamel bangles, which retail for $1,300, have pavé gemstone accents. Earrings with pavé multicolor sapphire drops start at just $1,350 retail. Rina Limor has another new silver collection, “Vintage Inspired Jewels,” which features black gold, silver, and rose cut diamond styles suitable for a Maharajah or Maharani. Bangles start at $6,000.

Pavé sapphire and blackened silver bead necklace from the “Calypso” collection by Rina Limor for J.R. Gold, suggested retail $6,000, (800) 999-0583.

diamond watch collection

Hellmuth’s Edge

Already known for its “Croco” collection, Vivienne Westwood collection, and a new diamond watch collection, Hellmuth also has a new silver line which retails from $200 to $3,000. The collection is not yet stocked in the U.S. but is brought in from Germany for shows. The silver has bold, larger scale styling for men and women. Many pieces feature details in 18k gold or accents in diamonds. But, like the all-gold Hellmuth collections, signature textures add a high-end rich look. “We feature the Croco texture in silver as well as gold but it looks very different in silver,” says Ron Hoffman of Hellmuth. “The silver darkens in the recessed areas and gives it a patina.” Large textured cuffs and links have a bold fashion forward look. Many pieces have a rock and roll edge, including diamond pavé skull rings and pendants. More edgy pieces that appeal to men include diamond intensive silver belt buckles.

Sterling silver and 18k gold jewelry by Hellmuth, (951) 788-6930.