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What's New from Las Vegas
This year’s product introductions include a lot of new designer bridal collections, stylish new silver, and can’t miss items

designer bridal collections

One of the most interesting categories this year in Vegas was bridal, with a lot of product introductions, including designers who haven’t offered bridal in the past. Interesting new designer bridal collections include Toby Pomeroy, who in addition to women’s styles created an innovative collection of men’s bands in 18k gold, including bands with wood inlay (2), suggested retail $1,635, (800) 381-8787. The new “Cherish” collection by Megan Thorne includes bands and engagement ring styles with lacy detailing in 18k gold and diamonds, suggested retail $770 to $1,115, not including center stone (1), (817) 731-4374. Diamond In The Rough has a new collection of engagement rings and bands featuring rough diamonds (3), (212) 710-1070. The collection ranges from $4,500 to $10,000 retail, with special pieces over $10,000 and bands starting at $2,000 retail.

necklace in sterling silver and mother-of-pearl

For designer Mary Margrill, the beauty of a piece of jewelry lies in its significance as much as its style. She incorporates positive sentiments and symbols in every piece. Her new diffusion collection is priced to reach a wider audience in sterling silver with touches of 18k gold. The M2 by Mary Margrill collection features styles like the “Love, Believe & Happiness” necklace (4) in sterling silver and mother-of-pearl, suggested retail $325, (888) 507-3553.

diamonds set underneath large gemstones

Designer Suzanne Kalan is known for her use of gemstones, in particular her “Vitrine” collection, which featured diamonds set underneath large gemstones. At JCK, she launched a new gem intensive collection of silver that has all the style of her gold line. Styles feature large cocktail rings and dangling earrings, many with rose cut smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine, and rock crystal. Best of all, suggested retails for the high-style collection start at just $320. Suzanne Kalan ring (5) in sterling with 18k gold plate with smoky quartz and rock crystal quartz, suggested retail $660, (818) 700-6200.

stainless steel ring

The Tipit brand takes interchangeable to a whole new level. Tipit isn’t just an interchangeable piece, it’s an engineered system of jewelry that includes rings, pendants, and earrings that have removable elements, each of which can be worn in any of the pieces. The pieces come with a tool which removes the piece and locks a new one into place with a satisfying click. Rings are available in stainless steel for $145, or 18k gold for $1,705. Elements in 18k gold, sterling, enamel, mother-of-pearl, wood, and gems range from $15 to $10,000 for a 1-carat diamond. A starter set with display is $3,500. Tipit stainless steel ring (6), suggested retail $145, with stainless steel and diamond ball, suggested retail $610, (866) 393-8767.

new diamond brand

Lovemark isn’t a new diamond brand: The modified round brilliant cut with 16 extra pavilion facets, for a total of 74 facets, from Jasani, was patented in 2006. This year, Lovemark relaunched with a new 18k gold and platinum jewelry collection created by designer Scott Keating. All the diamonds, even one-point accent stones, are the patented cut. Lovemark is being offered with exclusivity for high-end independents so quality standards are high: H color or better, SI clarity or better. Sizes above 20 points are laser inscribed with the logo and a unique number. Lovemark diamond earrings and ring in 18k gold (7), (866) 460-3207.

14k gold and gemstones

FuFoo Fine Jewelry targets tweens, 8 to 12 year-old girls, with licensed Disney charms, rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The “Enduring Enamels” collection features popular Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, and Cinderella’s slipper in 14k gold and enamel, with retails from $100 to $250. The “Enchanting Gemstones” collection is inspired by the stories of Disney with designs like “Princess Tiara,” “Belle’s Rose,” “Snow White’s Apple,” and “Pumpkin Coach,” in 14k gold and gemstones, retailing on average for $350. Designs are also available in 18k gold and platinum. FuFoo 14k gold Mickey enamel bracelet (8), suggested retail $242, (877) 795-1713.

14k gold designs

The new H. Weiss collection by Israeli designer Marika draws inspiration from traditional lacemaking. The lightweight 14k gold designs with a high-karat finish also use cutouts to add interest and reduce weight. The result is jewelry with a distinctive look at a surprisingly affordable price point: The collection starts at $350 retail, ranging up to $3,500. Marika for H. Weiss bracelet (9) in 14k gold, suggested retail $3,000, (800) 554-9989.

gemstone and 18k gold mix and match silver slides

When Pennsylvania-based independent jeweler Susan Fotos couldn’t find the kind of personalized jewelry she knew would appeal to her customers, she made her own line. Fotos teamed up with one of her Italian vendors to make a collection of personalized jewelry in Nepal. Fotos’ collection, “Scenario,” features sterling silver, inlaid enamel, gemstone and 18k gold mix and match silver slides that fit on interchangeable bracelets. The silver caps on the end of the bracelets screw off, allowing consumers to slide charms, which retail from $45 to $250, on and off the bracelet easily. Slide charms range from bright enamels to intricate Himalayan motifs and colored gems. Scenario bracelets (10) with personalized slide charms, suggested retail $175 to $3,500, (717) 635-7992.

limited edition pieces in gold and sterling silver

Gavin Kovac’s new collection of jewelry and accessories does more than just adorn humans and their pets. As an official licensed product of the ASPCA, Heart U Back contributes a percentage of sales to the charity. Kovacs launched his collection in base metal at entry level price points and some limited edition pieces in gold and sterling silver. The line includes stainless steel engraveable companion tags for the human and dog, dog bone bracelets, and sterling silver cuff links and bangles depicting dog breeds. There’s even an 18k yellow gold dog bone bracelet for Paris Hilton Chihuahua types. Heart U Back sterling silver limited edition Rottweiler cuff links (11) with diamond eyes, suggested retail $200 to $500, (954) 660-6911.

ring with carved opal flower petals around a 4.30 carat rubellite with diamond

Katherine Jetter describes her collection, launched in the U.S. market in Vegas, as “the first luxury Australian opal jewelry brand.” Her designs feature the Australian play-of-color gems in new ways: carved petals, three dimensional shapes, and unusual forms, setting it to be viewed from every angle. Inspired by the landscape of Australia, Jetter’s signature collection celebrates the Daintree Rainforest. Earrings and bracelets feature lush green ferns of tsavorites scattered with dewy opal water droplets. Exotic flower petals are carved from luminescent blue opal. Sterling silver gem-set styles start at retails under $300. Katherine Jetter “Poison Berry” ring (12) with carved opal flower petals around a 4.30 carat rubellite with diamond micro-pavé and tsavorite pavé twisting around the finger, suggested retail $14,000, (212) 333-2085.