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Last year’s top item, the S-curve “Journey” pendant, will again have top billing on TV this year. Both “A Diamond is Forever” television ads during the holidays focus on this style, although more styles will appear in print ads. Hoops are also hot: Make sure you have the new larger size inside-outside diamond hoops as well as affordable styles in yellow gold. If you haven’t stocked up on hoops for the holidays yet, a selection of styles is on page 10.

It’s November: Are you ready for your close-up? Diamond Promotion Service research shows that most diamond holiday purchase decisions are made this month (although most men wait till the last minute to actually buy the gift). DPS has moved its holiday television spending earlier and later in order to reach consumers at decision time and purchase time. They recommend that retailers get on TV in November. DPS has teamed up with Spot Runner to make diamond-themed television ads for retailers to use locally. Reserve an ad for your exclusive use, customize it for $500, and buy affordable air time on cable with a few clicks of the mouse on Don’t forget to ask your suppliers, many also have great TV ads available (see samples on

Spring/summer European runways are going retro. Goddess silhouettes in dresses and tops are the trend at Hermes, Lavin, Karl Lagerfeld, and Junya Wantanabe. “Classical, temple-worthy one-shouldered dresses in muted pales were evident, as well as less literal experimentations with drapes and gathers in of-the-moment sharp, vibrant colors,” says Ellen Campuzano of Fashion Facts Folio. Fine jewelry is seeing its share of modern relics fashioned after symbols and concepts from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. A perfect example are the coin looks which returned in force this year, but look for new styles with Neoclassic reliefs, gods and goddesses, and less literal translations.

Green gems grown by Tom Chatham are headed to the red planet. Los Alamos National Laboratories has requested crystals of lab-grown emerald to be used in the next Mars mission in 2009. Twenty carats of Chatham-created emerald will be used on the new Mars dune buggy for calibration of instruments for the identification of trace elements found on the planet’s surface. “Chatham emerald was chosen over natural emerald because it’s chemically cleaner,” says Tom Chatham. “We always try to help and usually it is on a no-charge basis.”

A new ring box has a small screen inside that automatically plays a personalized video, picture slideshow, or audio message when the box is opened. The new Euricase, which incorporates a two-inch LCD display in the top of the box, is the first multimedia jewelry box. The box can display a proposal video or a slide show of over 500 pictures, uploaded through a USB port. Retailers can customize the box, which has a suggested retail of $199, with their store colors, logo, and promotional videos. The new box also has a light which is focused on the ring when the box is opened. It can help schedule the proposal, too: The screen is also a clock, alarm, and calendar.

S-curve Journey pendant by Unique Settings
S-curve Journey pendant by Unique Settings, (800) 466-4900.
DPS “Gift Wrap” TV ad available from Spot Runner
DPS “Gift Wrap” TV ad available from Spot Runner, (877) 287-2793.
18k green gold pharaoh necklace and earrings with detachable Tahitian pearls
Ewa Solarska’s 18k green gold pharaoh necklace and earrings with detachable Tahitian pearls, (516) 627-7475.
lab-grown emeralds
Mars dune buggy, now with lab-grown emeralds.
ring box
Euricase ring box from Euri, Inc., (888) LUV-EURI.