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Watch Trends: Black Watch
Black is back in time

Black is back with a vengeance. Although the recent spate of colorful dials, markers, hands, and straps aren't out of vogue, black has jumped back into the forefront in fine watches, as it has in apparel and accessories.

Witness the recent introductions in Basel and Geneva. Once relegated to diver styles or auto racing, all, or nearly all, black watches could be found across the board—from opening price points to multi-thousand dollar versions, from men's heavy duty sports styles to delicate women's versions.

Most of the black is accomplished by PVD on stainless steel, the reigning monarch metal in fine jewelry. Other black details come from high-tech ceramic, black rhodium plated 18k white gold, and even enamel. Black diamonds are another favorite.

Black watches appeared on the scene about five years ago but the sudden success of color in watches sent the looks out the black door. Advances in ion plating, such as PVD, has helped make black steel watches more viable for sale. Furthermore, the advent of the all-white watch begs for its opposite as well. The fact that high-tech ceramic watch styles from brands such as Chanel and Versace have become iconic looks has helped rekindle interest in black.

Despite the fact that black is important again, it isn't the overwhelming favorite like it was in the early 1990s when minimalism and the all-black uniform were so popular. Rather, the new blacks should be judged by their individual appeal.

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Alfex’s black PVD steel watch
Alfex’s black PVD steel watch with quartz chronograph movement is limited to 500 pieces, (914) 236-6261.