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Value Drives Spring Trends
Jewelry Scene

Retailers shopping the spring shows were looking for innovative styling at opening price points. In years past, many retailers were looking to trade up, especially to big name brands and higher price points. That has now reversed. Even high-end stores are now searching for jewelry that retails below $1,000—even below $500. High metals prices have also pushed up the price points of styles that used to be in that price range, leaving a hole in many assortments. What’s most important for success at this price point are excellent quality, ability to coordinate with consumers’ existing jewelry wardrobes, and a brand presentation exclusive to independent and high-end retailers.

It’s not surprising that sterling silver continues to make inroads. The number of fresh new silver styles and silver collections continues to grow. Look for even more designer silver collections to be launched in the months to come. And some companies are going beyond silver to offer styles in other metals including steel, titanium, copper, bronze, 5k gold, and ceramic.

Sentimental jewelry, such as initials, zodiac symbols, lucky charms, and other kinds of personalized jewelry, remains an important vehicle to entice the recession-weary consumer.

In addition, designers are launching new collections of earring jackets, interchangeable pieces, and other ways to add value through versatility.

Other important trends include smaller and slimmed-down versions of top selling styles from previous collections offering a similar look at a more attractive price point.

Designers also experimented with unusual ornamental gem materials like drusy, agate, and jasper. Other trends include the layering and setting of gemstones atop each other or over reflective surfaces, mother-of-pearl, patterns, or other gemstones to give even pale gems such as moonstone or rock crystal quartz dramatic impact.

Blackened metals, rough and rose cut gems, brown diamonds, lace and cut-outs, dimension, spheres, and domed shapes remain fashionable, too.

Floral lace sterling silver and 5k gold cuff
Floral lace sterling silver and 5k gold cuff with freshwater pearls and beer quartz by Sara Blaine Jewelry, suggested retail $550, (770) 650-0999.