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Two Become One
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Designer Chiara Sforzina of Io Si was playing with some rubber bands when she realized that she could create a ring that interlocks in the same way. Io Si’s new “Plato” ring has two halves that fit together to become a single ring. The two elements are available in different colors of 18k gold either with a single diamond or covered in diamond pavé so there are nine possible combinations. Customers can choose two elements or more to mix and match. The single element with one diamond retails for $2,500 and a single element with a half-carat of diamond pavé is $4,440, so complete ring prices range from $5,000 to $8,880. Sforzina says the ring symbolizes Plato’s myth of the complete human soul, neither male nor female. “Zeus, who was jealous of this perfection, divided it into two parts. From that moment on, the two separated parts were condemned to seek each other their whole life, in order to recreate the perfect union,” she says. “This is the concept of the ring: keep linked two single elements that have no meaning when divided. It’s a pure expression of love!” And more love is always available, with additional elements that can be added on future occasions.
— Cheryl Kremkow

ring from IO SI

Two separate elements merge into one “Plato” ring from IO SI, (39) (0131) 973411,