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Tungsten Lawsuits Settled
Jewelry Scene

Popular tungsten carbide wedding bands for men are now lawsuit-free. The lawsuit between Trent West, owner of TrewTungsten, against Benchmark and Jewelry Innovations, has been settled. Both Benchmark and Jewelry Innovations have agreed to sell non-infringing tungsten carbide rings and to pay substantial penalties for past sales of infringing product. In return, they have been granted licenses to continue to sell their tungsten carbide rings to independent jewelry retailers in the U.S. Benchmark and Jewelry Innovations join Frederick Goldman, Inc. as licensees of Wests portfolio of seven U.S. patents relating to the concept and manufacture of tungsten carbide rings.

I am pleased that we have come to an amicable solution and look forward to Benchmark and Jewelry Innovations also selling these innovative and high quality rings, West says.