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Timely Pearls
Pearl Scene

Although cultured pearls are one of the most prevalent precious gems in fine jewelry this year, there's long been a lack of pearl-adorned timepieces. Perhaps it's not surprising that watch brands have been much more likely to use diamonds than pearls. Pearls aren't as tough as diamonds and watches may receive more wear than jewelry.

But with the current popularity of pearls and pearl bracelets, the time for the pearl watch has arrived. After all, mother-of-pearl dials are already standard on many watches, including men's styles. Several watch brands are making the world their oyster this season.

Chanel, which has championed the pearl in its iconic chain necklaces, was the first to create a pearl watch. Its "Mademoiselle" watch, which has a bracelet of five strands of akoya pearls on gold wire, is a longstanding best-seller. Recently, this style moved up-market. The new 18k white gold version has an all-diamond pavé dial. This new high-end Chanel Mademoiselle model retails for $19,200.

When ESQ revamped its line last year, taking a more fashion forward stance, the company added multi-strand pearl and manipulated gemstone bracelets. A stylish ESQ pearl bracelet watch has a suggested retail of $350.

Pippo Italia watches expanded on its collection of flower watches this February by adding a new style with petals of baroque pearls. In contrast to previous styles which confine their pearls to the bracelet, large and lustrous freshwater pearls frame the watch face. The suggested retail for this new style is $1,895.

A treat for pearl lovers to add to their jewelry wardrobe, these new pearl watch styles are also just the thing to get the bride to the church on time.

— Jeff Prine

gold “Mademoiselle” watch with akoya pearl bracelet
Chanel 18k gold “Mademoiselle” watch with akoya pearl bracelet, (212) 715-4742.
cultured pearl bracelet “Bellina” watch
ESQ cultured pearl bracelet “Bellina” watch, (201) 267-8000.
Pippo Italia baroque cultured pearl watch
Pippo Italia baroque cultured pearl watch, (866) 720-4159.