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Many watch brands offer interchangeable straps, but here's one that offers an interchangeable metal bracelet. Milus, the Bienne, Switzerland-based fine watch company, which recently launched in the U.S. with watches and coordinating fine jewelry, devised an 18k gold bracelet with more than 12 carats of black and white diamonds. On the surface, the diamond pattern resembles an Art Deco design. But flip over any one of the 8 to 12 center links and another diamond pattern changes. Company executives say that if all 12 links are purchased on a single bracelet, there are more than four million variations that the watch wearer could create. Milus uses a similar technique on its coordinating rings and earrings: rotating rings that change the black and white pattern the diamonds make. "We see this as the ultimate in changeability," says Milus U.S. president, Doron Basha. "It's a playful and practical concept." Jeff Prine

Milus' "Tarasea" 18k gold watch with 12.88 carats total weight of black and white diamonds. Suggested retail for watch with 12 diamond elements, $137,500, (866) 726-4587.