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The Wedding Party Means Business

The wedding business is very big business indeed, accounting for $9 billion in sales each year. But the number I find most interesting is that after the ring, 92 percent of brides are planning to make a second jewelry store purchase, primarily for the groom. They are expecting, of course, to receive a gift in return.

The first sale of the engagement ring, although it sets the tone for all your wedding marketing and merchandising ideas, is just the beginning. But to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to focus on the people, the product, and the presentation to set your store apart.


To select the right merchandising and marketing approach, you need to know more about the people involved in the wedding. There are at least three types of brides today: traditional brides who plan on having a church wedding; contemporary brides who will have something more informal, perhaps on a beach or in a garden; and romantic brides who are planning a getaway wedding in a castle in Ireland or someplace like that with just her close family and friends.

Find out what kind of wedding she's going to have and what kind of bride she's going to be if you want to create the right kind of opportunities.

Brides love attention, especially first-time brides. Many take their fashion cues from being debutantes. A traditional bride might wear a tiara. A second-time bride who's a romantic bride is going to focus less on the veil and more on the jewelry.

She'll wear romantic drop earrings and hair jewelry. This kind of bride will love Tacori's great collection of hair accessories, which can represent a new business opportunity for you. A bride can wear their sterling silver wreaths and vines in her hair or around her neck. She can wear these pieces all though her engagement period when she wants to look like a bride and feel like a bride without wearing full regalia. They will also work for attendants and flower girls. This is a good way to get the bride into your store.

The groom is a man on a mission. He doesn't have much time. If you can make his life easy and make him look important, that's the key to winning his business and his loyalty. A groom's primary motive is to enhance romance. Some grooms find this easy, others are challenged. So you can help him out and create an opportunity by carrying the right romantic merchandise. You can offer him the chance to be a hero through the packaging and presentation you offer.

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