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The New Naturalism
Fashion 2006

Organic inspiration is acquiring a new polish this year. A stylized naturalism is emerging as jewelry's prevailing aesthetic. These refined pieces play tribute both to the natural world and to the goldsmith's art. Each piece shows the mark of the hand that made it. Texture and irregularity add richness even to simple styles. Designs are inspired by roses and orchids, branches and leaves, feathers, birds and butterflies, and even antlers, horns, and bones.

Baby boomers are paring down and making their lives less complicated—returning to simpler pleasures, without sacrificing luxury. Rustic yet elegant, these refined organic designs are the perfect accessory for the modern woman.

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“Objects Organique” ring by K. Brunini Jewels
“Objects Organique” ring by K. Brunini Jewels, (858) 259-8779.