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The Hot List
Jewelry Scene

This month, should we say lukewarm instead? Despite the challenging retail environment there are a few bright spots. Here’s what’s selling best in independents across the country.

1. Diamond Studs: Investment dressing, literally. This holiday winner is probably a better bet than the stock market.

2. Silver: Better independents sold a blizzard of the white stuff this Christmas. Tops short shopping lists for spring, and even better with a touch of gold and gems.

3. Bridal: Even recessionistas need that rock when they get hitched.

4. Personalized Pieces: Initials, symbols, and sentiment give jewelry more meaning in tough times.

5. Pandora: Still the top brand and throwing its weight around with high minimums and no competitive product allowed.

6. One-of-a-Kinds: Singular sensational pieces continue to sell—no matter the price point—to wealthy, discerning collectors.