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The Bride's Necklace

On the red carpet this year, the focus has shifted from the ear to the neck. Celebrities are pairing diamond studs or hoops with a lacy diamond necklace. For brides too, the lovely necklines of the latest gowns cry out for a glamorous necklace with a simple earring. The perfect dress looks even better when matched with the perfect pendant or pearls. Make sure to match the necklace with the style and neckline of your dress.

If your dress is lacy and feminine, you'll love the selection of great pendants with a touch of romance and vintage-inspired styling. If your dress is more streamlined, try the clean lines of the new geometric looks. And every bride's face looks more beautiful framed with the glow of cultured pearls, the classic choice. Any of these styles can be worn forever, serving as a stylish reminder of your special day long after the dress is packed away. Cheryl Kremkow

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Diamond geometry by Rose Veltri for Novell.
Diamond geometry by Rose Veltri for Novell.