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Tanzanite Goes Chocolate
Jewelry Scene

First chocolate pearls. Then chocolate diamonds. Now Le Vian has a new collection of chocolate tanzanite, too. Yes, you guessed it: Chocolate tanzanite is the natural unheated color of zoisite. Thanks to trichroism, the brown shades show flashes of green and yellow from different angles. But you’re not likely to see the new term spread. Le Vian has a trademark, along with “Chocolate Diamonds.”

rings with yellow diamonds

Trillion “Chocolate Tanzanite,” 1.45 carats, in 14k “Strawberry Gold” accented with white and yellow diamonds, suggested retail $6,398; and oval “Chocolate Tanzanite,” 0.79 carats, in 14k “Strawberry Gold” with 0.97 carats in diamonds, suggested retail $5,598, by Le Vian, (516) 466-7250,