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Sundance: Partners with Rio Grande
Jewelry Scene

Sundance Diamonds, Orem, Utah, which manufactures high pressure high temperature processed diamonds, has partnered with Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Rio Grande. Rio Grande will now distribute Suncrest HPHT yellow diamonds. Suncrest is a sister company of Sundance. Along with unveilings of important pinks and oranges created by HPHT annealing, and a partnership with Los Angeles-based Izzy Itzkowitz, who will unveil a line of HPHT princess and prince cut stones, the move is expected to be key to growing the retail customer base for Sundance.

The timing certainly seems to be perfect. “Advances in the annealing process are at a true tipping point,” says Sundance spokesman Jim Littman, “just as retail requests are flooding in.” He had the goods to show at Vegas 2008, with a number of HPHT colors never seen before, as well as a show stopping GIA VVS orangey pink multi-carater that became almost an auction item. Dealers and retailers with no frame of reference for such a stone managed only to bid each other up over the first four days of the show, the diamond finally selling for a very healthy price per carat. — Ivan Solotaroff

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Suncrest HPHT diamond ring available from Rio Grande, (800) 257-7026.