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Square Deal
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Men prefer square diamonds. That’s why, in the five years since men’s diamond bands became popular, wedding band specialist Benchmark has received countless requests for men’s bands set with princess cut diamonds instead of rounds.

“I would say that 50 percent of our diamond customers asked for this,” says A.J. Tosyali of Benchmark, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “The requests drove us to invest in making it possible. Princess cuts are hard to work with. No one does it perfectly.”

That’s why Benchmark worked for two years to perfect an innovative process to perfectly machine-set princess cut diamonds in its men’s wedding bands.

“We make the machines and even build the parts,” Tosyali says. “We are the only ones in the world who can do this.”

The new Benchmark princess cut collection, which was launched in Las Vegas in June, now includes 10 SKUs of comfort fit bands set with 5 point or 10 point princess cut diamonds. The time and effort was worth it. One of the rings, shown here, is already among the company’s top-selling bands.

Princess cut diamond band
Princess cut diamond band from Benchmark, (800) 633-5950.