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Sphere of Influence
Fashion Forward

THE TREND: Even before Pythagoras, the ancient Greek geometer, proved that the Earth was a sphere, humankind has had a fascination with all things round: balls, globes, orbs, boulles, sun, moons, planets. The gravitational pull toward round objects is being felt strongly in fine jewelry, where round, precious objects provide an aesthetic and spiritual connection to consumers. Spheres and cone combinations have been seen together as accessories on the runway, but the influence is spinning into a new realm.

WHY IT’S HAPPENING: As a universal symbol to all cultures and nations, the globe or ball holds cultural, spiritual, and political significance. What better time to highlight that tie to one world than during an economic crisis when consumers are looking to buy what speaks to their souls? The fact that every human on Earth sees the sun and moon rise and set each day reinforces the emblematic effect of the sphere. Manufacturing the global shape in every metal makes it accessible to a wider audience—something that addresses consumers of all backgrounds.

WHO HAS IT: Ball shapes can be found from sources around the world in every metal. Even excluding pearls and beads, which by definition are usually round, the list is vast: Temple St. Clair, Stephen Webster, Garavelli, Elle Jewelry, Nam Cho, Gurhan, Monica Rich Kosann, Sethi Couture, Silverado, Lagos, Jolie B. Ray Designs, Diana Heimann, Robert Lee Morris, Erica Courtney, Ariane Zurcher, Halia, Pandora, Heather Moore, Emanuela Luca, C.G. Creations, Jacob Albee, A.V. Jewelry, Chamilia, Roberto Coin, La Reina, and De Grisogono are just a few of the influential designers warming to globes.

DIANA HEIMANN blackened sterling silver “Noir” charm bracelet with 1.75 carats of diamonds, suggested retail $3,500, (877) HEIMANN,

Photos by Chris Trayer

NAM CHO AT FRAGMENTS 20mm blue sapphire and 18k gold ball pendant necklace, suggested retail $8,120, (212) 226-8878, (left)

BLISS “Bowling” pendant in PVD stainless steel, suggested retail $140, (877) 326-6000, (right)

LAGOS triple strand sterling silver and 18k gold bracelet, suggested retail $695, (215) 925-1693,

ANDRÉA CANDELA antique look 18k gold and sterling silver bracelet, suggested retail $1,650, (888) 314-5998,

SILVERADO unisex sterling silver round charms on silver and leather necklace, suggested retail $68 each charm, and necklace $48, (866) 995-5010,

SETHI COUTURE pavé diamond ball pendants in black, white, and brown diamonds and 18k gold, suggested retail $500 to $675, (415) 255-4768,

GURHAN 24k gold hammered ball necklace, suggested retail $14,600, (646) 230-1122,

ROBERT LEE MORRIS lace necklace in sterling silver, suggested retail $1,695, (212) 633-4970,