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Snake Charmers

Once again, it’s the year of the snake. Gold and silver serpents spiral around wrists and fingers. Squiggles come to life with the simple addition of a head with glowing eyes. Sinuous style isn’t new: Gold snake bracelets and rings from 300 BC at The Metropolitan Museum of Art are surprisingly modern in form. Most of the new snake styles this year are very stylized, almost like a child’s drawing. Bulgari has inspired a revival of the seventies-style snake, with a much-coveted watch in 18k gold with onyx and diamonds. Stephen Webster also abstracts texture and shape. Tracey Mayer, in contrast, details a two-headed snake bracelet that looks a bit more dangerous than disco.
— Cheryl Kremkow

TRACEY MAYER “Viper” bracelet in 950 silver, suggested retail $1,400, (847) 217-6647,

TALENTO pendant in amethyst and 18k gold with diamonds, (39) 0331-415632,

STEPHEN WEBSTER “Queen Cobra” cuff in black mother-of-pearl, suggested retail $1,175, (212) 226-6160,

SARAH JANNERBO 14k gold hoops with ruby snake eyes, suggested retail $1,310, (423) 504-7032,

BULGARI “Serpenti” watch in 18k gold, onyx, and diamonds, (800) BVLGARI,

ZDNY 18k gold and oxidized silver ring with 7.37 carats of natural gray rose cut diamonds, accent diamonds, and rubies, suggested retail $5,300, (631) 673-9844,

LENA SKLYUT four-snake ring in 18k gold with 95 carats of smoky quartz and diamonds, suggested retail $15,000, (212) 380-3609,