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Rich & Thin Bands

Why shouldn't the wedding band, symbol of the bond that joins you, be as brilliant as the engagement promise? Perhaps that's why most brides today are choosing diamond or gemstone wedding bands to wear with their engagement rings or on their own. The unending circle of diamonds is also a powerful symbol of eternal devotion. Although many engagement sets have bands that match, you can also add your own personal style to your ring with a unique band that suits your personality. In fact, some brides are stacking bands on both sides of the engagement ring. These beautiful bands are just as stunning stacked with a plain gold band or with another diamond band as with a solitaire. For husbands who want to express that you'd marry her all over again, eternity bands also are a very romantic gift to celebrate a first anniversary.

— Cheryl Kremkow

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platinum bands by Jolie' Designs
Elegant platinum bands set with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires by Jolie’ Designs.