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Promoting Diamonds, One Product at a Time
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When you are advertising diamond jewelry this year, timing is everything. Diamond Trading Company diamond advertising in 2007 will focus on one diamond jewelry category at a time. This strategy, called "media phasing," will allow each category to take center stage during the scheduled months. By focusing your advertising and promotional efforts on the same product, you will be able to maximize your benefit from DTC advertising and public relations efforts.

The new strategy, developed by DTC agency J. Walter Thompson, began with "Journey" television and print advertising from February to May. Right-hand ring will follow in April to May. Anniversary three-stone will dominate during the summer months of June to August, when many anniversaries fall. Right-hand ring will return for September and October's fall fashion season. Then Journey will begin again in November through the holiday season. A new holiday campaign will be launched in mid-November.

"Each beacon product will have a dominant influence during those months," says David Sisson, JWT's director of market intelligence. "We think it's a great idea to make each message more impactful."


DTC will concentrate much of its print and television dollars in 2007 on Journey in order to capitalize on a strong holiday sales for the newest diamond product, which has four or more diamonds graduated in size to symbolize love that forever grows.

"We are thrilled with the early signs of success for Journey," says Colby Shergalis, core program director for Journey for the Diamond Promotion Service. "From the majors to the independents, those who have embraced the concept and created a varied array of styles and designs have seen Journey make the biggest difference to their bottom line."

The category still has a lot of potential, Shergalis says. "A post-Christmas survey showed that only one in five women have heard of Journey. That means we have 80 million women who still haven't heard the message."

Unlike the three-stone ring, Journey diamond jewelry is not limited to a single piece or a single purchase. Women who received the S-curve pendant last holiday season, the most important Journey item so far, might want the matching earrings this year. "Journey is a collection of pieces, not just the S-curve pendant," Sisson says.

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The new Journey print campaign includes "Whisper" and features a heart pendant.