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Price Points Rule at JCK
Jewelry Scen

No one expected much business at the JCK and Couture shows in Las Vegas. The results were no surprise, with overall sales and traffic at about 50 percent of last year’s levels. But orders were written, especially for affordable and interesting pieces that retailers felt would entice today’s reluctant consumers.

Today’s hottest brands (also the brands with the most attractive price points), Pandora and Rebecca, were busier than ever. Well-made and well-priced silver collections with a strong design direction like Leslie Greene, Raymond Hak, and Stephen Webster attracted new customers.

Impulse worthy items sold well, like Jane Basch’s monogram keys that retail for just $150; Simmons Jewelry’s “Penny Pendants” line at $99 retail; the new licensed Hershey’s Kiss pendant from World Trade Jewelers, which starts at $129 in silver; and Old World Chain’s irresistible chat charms, $60 retail in sterling.

As you might expect, silver collections are the single most important market trend, with many new collections from designers and manufacturers who haven’t offered silver before. Other designers launched new bridal collections and some diamond companies offered colored gemstones for the first time. As far as materials and markets go, all bets are off and many companies are experimenting with something new. This experimentation has led to a lot of interesting new and old materials used in new ways.

The popularity of black and white continues, driving use of black diamonds and blackened silver. Three dimensional designs, in particular spheres, span all price points, especially in hollow openwork executions.

Collectible beads continue to be red hot, with many more companies launching bead collections. Personalization of all kinds is very important, with more companies streamlining ways for retailers to offer a broader array of customizable jewelry.

The trend for organic and natural design also continues, both in materials—rough diamonds, natural surface and translucent gemstones, wood, horn, leather, drusy and a wide array of rocks and minerals—and in motifs—leaves, snakes, flowers, branches and trees, insects, and, new this year, microscopic life.

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Penny-pinching prevailed at the Vegas shows. “Penny Pendant” style from SIMMONS JEWELRY CO., suggested retail $99, (917) 339-2800,