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Pelosi’s Jeweler Talks Pearls
Pearl Scene

Nancy Pelosi’s pearls continue to attract media attention, spurring sales across the country. But the jeweler who sold those cultured pearls says her business hasn’t really changed.

Meriwether McGettigan, who has been the Pelosi family jeweler for about 12 years, opened her first retail store, Meriwether on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, California, last fall.

“I had a by-appointment business for 20 years but I was ready for something new,” McGettigan says. “I looked for the right location for nine years.”

McGettigan specializes in estate jewelry. “I specialize in 20th century pieces, Edwardian, Art Deco, retro, and signed pieces from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. I carry Seaman Schepps and gold bracelets that I design and have manufactured in Italy,” she says. “I have pearls all the time, especially when I see strands that are well priced, but I don’t have a whole case of them. Right now I have an opera-length strand in the window.”

Paul Pelosi, who attended the opening of Meriwether, generally is the one who shops for Nancy Pelosi’s wardrobe, including her jewelry. He no doubt deserves a lot of the credit for her best-dressed status.

“Paul Pelosi does scouting for her because she doesn’t have time. He shops for her clothes and jewelry. He does a good job,” McGettigan says.

She says she can’t take credit for suggesting that Nancy Pelosi wear pearls. “I don’t know why they decided on pearls. They did some research and then we spent some time discussing them and, in 1999, they purchased a strand of white South Sea baroque pearls. Then they purchased the multicolor South Sea strand and then a strand of golden South Seas.”

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Meriwether on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, California.
multicolor pearl strand
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wearing her popular multicolor pearl strand from Meriwether.