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Pearly Brights
Jewelry Trends

Lustrous and affordable, mother-of-pearl has been in demand for the past few seasons, particularly in black and white designs. Lately designers are using mother-of-pearl in colors. Pinks, purples, browns, blues, and other sophisticated shades is a popular new option for rings, pendants, and links. One of the few gem materials that can be dyed like fabric to produce any hue, the new pearly palette offers fashion at an affordable price. Kabana has a popular collection of pink mother-of-pearl set in rose gold. Nanis offers a boxed pendant with interchangeable mother-of-pearl hearts in different colors with matching ribbons to match every outfit. Sometimes the mother-of-pearl is combined with a faceted quartz top for a colored moonstone-type effect, an idea pioneered by Stephen Webster, who used faceted quartz over gemstones in his "Crystal Haze" collection. Either way, mother-of-pearl in colors is a fun and affordable choice for fashionable jewelry. Cheryl Kremkow

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pendant by Nanis
Pendant with interchangeable mother-of-pearl hearts in different colors by Nanis, suggested retail $1,337, (800) 443-1479.