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Pearls: It's All In The Mix

Long a classic staple, pearls today are prized for their variety. Successful jewelers and goldsmiths across the country are mixing different pearl colors, shapes, sizes, lengths, and adding in chain, gemstones, and diamonds to create a whole wardrobe of looks from traditional to bohemian.

We asked pearl buyers from across the country to tell us what pearl styles are selling best in their stores and what they are stocking to make pearls a hot category this holiday season.

Multicolor looks, long versatile ropes and lariats, long dangling earrings, and freshwater and South Sea baroques are getting lots of attention. Most importantly, jeweler after jeweler told us that pearl jewelry, not just strands, is where the action is this season. Fashion forward pearl pieces are one of the seasonís most important looks in earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry categories.

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keshi pearls from Shinju Pearl
Pearl lariat with a tassel of keshi pearls from Shinju Pearl, (888) MY-PEARL.