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Pearl Season
With lots of time in the campaign spotlight and price points that offer real value and healthy margins, pearls may be a winning candidate for the holiday sales.

What can Democrats and Republicans both support in this election? For partisans on both sides, pearls are the go-to accessory for a woman who wants to look polished and professional.

During this year’s hotly contested campaigns, pearls are the top jewelry look for candidates, representatives, senators, and spouses in the spotlight.

“If a woman is going to be taken seriously, she needs a strand of pearls,” says Peter Bazar of Imperial, East Providence, Rhode Island. “The more successful she is, the bigger the pearls.”

My fellow Americans, surely we can all agree that whether we’re talking about the golden South Seas that Sarah Palin wore for her convention night speech, Michelle Obama’s Jackie O-style strand, Cindy McCain’s four-strand akoya, or Nancy Pelosi’s multicolor South Seas, pearls are the foundation of a well-dressed woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

“That’s the great thing about pearls,” says Avi Raz of A&Z Pearls, Los Angeles. “They cross party lines.”


Pearls may also have an impact on your bottom line. Many jewelers, faced with the high cost of precious materials and the weakening economy, have turned to pearls to provide the most value for the money.

With historically high prices for diamonds, up 16 percent this year, and precious metals at record levels too, pearls are one of the few categories where prices have remained stable.

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Multicolor pearl strand
Multicolor pearl strand from Stuller, (800) 877-7777.
Tahitian circle pearl bracelet
Tahitian circle pearl bracelet set from Imperial, (800) 556-7738.
Multicolor Tahitian pearl strands
Multicolor Tahitian pearl strands from Baggins, (877) 33-PEARL.
Multicolor Tahitian and South Sea pearl strand with diamonds
Multicolor Tahitian and South Sea pearl strand with diamonds from DSL Pearl, (800) 662-3456.
Tahitian pearl earrings
Tahitian pearl earrings BY A&Z Pearls, (213) 627-3030.
Baroque pearl ring, earrings, and strand
Baroque pearl ring, earrings, and strand from Tara & Sons, (212) 575-8191.
diamond and baroque pearl octopus brooch
One-of-a-kind diamond and baroque pearl octopus brooch from Assael, (212) 819-0060.