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Palladium: The Other White Metal
Fashion Forward

Palladium, light, white, and bright, has fast been making a name for itself in bridal jewelry. Now the newest precious metal, which makes the most of its relationship to its costlier cousin platinum, is being fashioned into fashionable earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Palladiumís lighter weight makes it an especially good choice for large earrings and long necklaces. The Palladium Alliance International, the industry proponent of the white metal, estimates that more than 25 jewelry companies have begun using palladium in the fine fashion jewelry category in addition to bridal.

palladium bracelets

Austin & Warburton’s palladium bracelets, one with fancy colored sapphires and diamonds, the other with tsavorite garnet, blue zircon, and pink sapphire, (734) 663-7151.

rutilated quartz and palladium ring

From left: Nina Basharova’s rutilated quartz and palladium ring, (917) 557-6242. James Binnion Metal Arts’ two mokume-gane palladium and sterling silver bands, (360) 756-6550.

palladium marquise mens necklace with palladium pendant

Gurhan’s 22-inch palladium marquise men’s necklace featuring a palladium pendant with 24k gold cross center, and 20-inch palladium joust link necklace, (646) 230-1112.

palladium bangle bracelet

Scott Kay’s palladium bangle bracelet with London blue topaz and diamond accents, (201) 287-0100.

palladium earrings with Tahitian pearls and diamonds

Lennon’s Jewelers’ palladium earrings with Tahitian pearls and diamonds, (315) 622-4663.
Prestige Jewelry’s palladium and diamond drop earrings with amethysts, (212) 681-0100.

palladium eternity band with 8.20 carats total weight of diamonds

Martin Flyer’s palladium eternity band with 8.20 carats total weight of diamonds, (212) 840-8899.

palladium pendant with pink tourmaline

Tenthio’s palladium pendant with pink tourmaline center stone and fancy colored sapphire and diamond accents, (212) 575-2144.
Barbara Chiminello for PAI’s twisted, high polish palladium necklace, (877) 473-7873.

pearl necklace with diamond

PMI’s pearl necklace with diamond pavé and palladium beads, (800) 345-0480.
Tummy Toys’ diamond pavé and palladium belly charm, (617) 571-9031.