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Optic Nerve

A new geometry of jewelry is emerging as one of the strongest new trends for 2007. Jewelry with Op Art inspiration makes a bold new statement. Geometric designs, including of course the circle pendant, are always popular. But these new designs add an element of surprise. The funhouse feel starts with the palette, which is contrasting black and white or bright colors, either with gems or enameling or both. Designs play with the optical illusions of Op Art, too. Concentric circles, cut-outs, polished metal dishes, thin gemstone discs, and convex and concave spheres add whole new dimensions. Although the playful spirit of the sixties makes these styles as fun as the charms and cartoonish Pop Art inspired styles from seasons past, the bold patterns and rigorous geometry makes them very modern, too.

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necklace by Staurino Fratelli
Swirls of white and black 18k gold with ribbons of diamonds in the "Mistral" collection by Staurino Fratelli, (39) (0131) 943137.