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On The Cuff: For The Groomsmen

When a man really wants to be dressed for success, in business or in love, nothing is as polished as a crisp French cuff shirt fastened at the wrist with a great pair of cuff links. Cuff links also add individuality and personality to a suit or tuxedo. Of course, cuff links make a great groomsmen's gift that can be worn at the wedding. The newest styles incorporate unusual materials like leather, carbon fiber, enamel, and gemstones. For grooms, beautiful cuff links are a joy to wear and also bring the pleasure of remembering this special day every time you put them on in the future. For the groom who has everything, the dazzle of diamonds at the wrist is a new way to say forever.

Cheryl Kremkow

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enamel cuff links by Maslov
Colors play in these handmade hard enamel cuff links by Maslov, suggested retail $215.