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Must-Have Hoops
65 perfect pairs of this seasonís ear essential

Classic but also fashionable, no jewelry wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of hoop earrings. Designers are making it easy this year for all your customers to find a hoop that fits their style and budget, from red-carpet worthy diamond designs to everyday silver styles. Inside-out diamond hoops, the must-have earring of last year, remain in demand for this holiday season. They are joined by a great selection of signature hoops with designer style. Many new hoops are in warm yellow and rose gold with interesting silhouettes. And donít forget trendy styles with black metal, dangles, or texture. Thereís a hoop to complement all the other fashionable styles in your cases. When putting together your selection, donít stop at quarter-size diameters. For the fashionable woman, hoops are much larger than in the past. Two to three inch sizes are particularly glamorous. Weíve filled the pages that follow with an incredible selection of all the latest designs to make sure you can find just the hoops you need for this holiday season. Get ready for some major hoopla!