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Man may have walked on the moon but it’s often difficult to decipher a moon phase that’s only a wrist away. Martin Braun, the watchmaker who has established a niche specializing in astronomical complications such as sunrise and sunset indicators, once again looks heavenward. His “Selene”—named for the Greek goddess of the moon—features the phases of the moon as they actually appear in the night sky. “I missed a certain originality in moon phase models already on the market today,” says Braun. “It is also a fact that existing moon phase functions have a major error. There is no new moon. On that night, the moon is still there and just barely visible.” Braun’s creation outshines the traditional semicircular cutaways in moon phase complications. His photorealistic moon on the dial has its own corrector that guarantees the disk indicating the phase can be set to the minute. The Selene employs dark circles that revolve underneath the moon, creating the shadow on the moon. — Jeff Prine

18k rose gold watch
Martin Braun’s 18k rose gold “Selene” realistic moon phase watch with meteorite dial, suggested retail $27,750, (800) 794-4792.