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Mogul Metal

In India at the time of the Moguls, every surface was covered with patterns to delight the eye, like the decorative marble inlay of vines and flowers that covers the arches of the Taj Mahal. Skilled craftsmen developed a technique to create this effect in metal too, decorating household objects like vases and hookahs for the lavishly adorned palaces of the period. Gleaming black metal is painstakingly incised and pieces of pure silver are inlaid in the metal to create intricate patterns. Jewelry designer Chhaya Kapadia has designed a new collection of bangles that are handcrafted using this ancient technique. Each bangle in the “Eclipse” collection requires the work of five master craftsmen to complete. Although Kapadia’s company, Maya Jewels, is best known for filigree pieces in high-karat gold, this debut collection in silver applies the same principle of using traditional techniques to create modern jewelry. “I wanted to create something that was accessible but didn’t compromise my dedication to hand craftsmanship and forgotten art forms,” Kapadia says.

Bangles from the “Eclipse” collection by MAYA JEWELS, suggested retail $750 to $1,650, (212) 473-2291,