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Long Story

There’s no need for a lengthy discussion on this, the facts speak for themselves. Elongated silhouettes have captured the creativity of Italian jewelry design houses. In January in Vicenza, some of the best brands premiered necklaces that wrap around more than once, pendants that stretch toward the decolletage, and earrings that extend just short of touching the shoulder. This is significant, considering that, not too long ago in Italy, collars were their core, “O” pendants were popular, and chandeliers were everywhere.

As the elongated profile becomes prominent, the undertone is casual with a strong Sixties influence—not surprising, given that the 2007 runways have been revisiting that playful decade.

The new linear designs do tend to have some clear characteristics. In necklaces, links are primary, often with different link shapes mixed onto one necklace. Here, texture is key, especially hammered, in yellow gold. In rose gold, satin finishes are significant. Whether yellow or rose, cultured pearls sometimes punctuate the extra-long links, as do colored semiprecious gemstones, especially in the chocolate palette.

For earrings, link designs seem freshest. However, there are some drop earring styles in multi-disc shapes, designed for movement, as well as three and four-stone diamond drops, but the gems are usually not graduated like “Journey” diamond earrings.

Amulets, charms, and discs play a role but, by far, the best new pendants let the linear outline speak for itself. Navette shapes are a favorite—geometric yet curvilinear at the same time, often in open-work designs. But maybe most important: Almost all pendants feature thin lines of white pavé diamond accents—something many manufacturers say that American retailers have requested.

necklace by Valente
Link necklace from the “Athena” collection by Valente, (786) 351-9561.
Links by Nanis
Links from the “Crumple” collection by Nanis, (800) 443-1479.
necklaces by Staurino Fratelli
Extra-Long Wrap necklaces by Staurino Fratelli, (39) (0131) 943137.
pendant and chain by IO SI
“Coronado” collection pendant and chain by IO SI, (888) 441-2121.
Long earrings from Nanis
Long earrings from the “Cashmere” collection by Nanis, (800) 443-1479.
Pearl and gemstone earrings by Utopia
Pearl and gemstone earrings by Utopia, (800) 443-1479.
Long necklace from Marco Bicego
Long necklace from the “Confetti Oro” collection by Marco Bicego, (415) 249-3800.
link earrings in chocolate gold from Mattioli
Long link earrings in chocolate gold from the “Cocoa” collection by Mattioli, (914) 235-6261.