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Intial Pendants
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Jewelry with personal significance is more important than ever these days. As a result, initial pendants are making a strong comeback. I know, this seems to happen every seven years or so. The difference this time? There is an amazing creativity in the styles available. Designers have created new initial designs with a distinctive signature style. Many of these pendants are so attractive, you’d be happy to wear them even if they aren’t your initial!

So now that you’re ready to get some great new alphabet styles, which letters should you stock? We asked insiders at large retailers to run the numbers on what initial pendants sell best. The verdict? J, M, S, C, and D, in that order. We also asked Rembrandt and their top-selling letter charms are A, M, K, S, and J. For expensive charms, wholesalers tell us that retailers usually buy the sample in their own or their wife’s initial.

The other initial innovation today is the way women are wearing these pendants, layering their own initial with initials of their husbands, kids, friends, and even words of personal significance. Initials are also hung on the same chain with gemstones and symbols, making them even more personal. Your pendant case should definitely show a layered look, combining initials with a symbol and a birthstone. Even your clients who already wear an initial will be inspired to add accessories. And showing them how to shop their jewelry boxes, getting new use out of pieces they already own, is the perfect message for these recessionary times.

Little letter “A” pendant, suggested retail $498, “C” pendant in 14k gold with diamonds, $798, and “B” in sterling silver, $148, by ALEX WOO, (212) 226-5533,
“Cable Collectibles” initial pendants in 18k gold by DAVID YURMAN, suggested retail $595, (212) 896-1550,
Individual charms and gemstones to personalize an initial pendant, priced individually, by STULLER, (800) 877-7777,
“N” pendant in 18k gold with 0.45 carats of diamonds by AREZZO, suggested retail $2,000 chain included, (212) 869-0665,
“A” pendant brooch in 18k gold with fired enamel and diamond by MASRIERA, suggested retail $1,990, (800) 472-9872,
“B” initial pendant in 18k gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl, and iolite by BARBARA BIXBY, suggested retail $4,500, (212) 371-3915,
“DiMassima” collection blackened silver and rough diamond “S” initial pendant with 18k yellow gold rope edge by S&R DESIGNS, suggested retail $375, (856) 985-0303,
Milestones collection 14k gold initial with pearls and diamonds by WILLOW COMPANY, suggested retail $420 chain included, (888) 611-5397,
“L” initial charm in 18k gold and diamonds by ERICA COURTNEY, suggested retail $5,760 chain included, (323) 938-2373,
Initial disc necklace in 14k gold with diamond accent by MEIRA T. FOR IDI DESIGN, suggested retail $375 for chain with charm, (212) 398-0606,
Large 14k gold gothic letters with black diamonds by JENNIFER FISHER, suggested retail $1,000 each, (212) 625-2380,
“Love Letter” medallion in silver with 22k gold overlay on sterling silver chain by JJ SINGH, suggested retail $220, (703) 759-7086,
Three initials in 14k white gold with diamonds by OVERNIGHT, suggested retail $900 each, (888) 731-1111,
Charm in 14k yellow gold with blue sapphires in the frame by HEATHER MOORE, suggested retail $1,200, (216) 932-5430,
Circle 14k gold and diamond monogram initial necklace with a half-carat of diamonds by JANE BASCH, suggested retail $1,370 chain included, (954) 927-4100,
Script-style initial pendant in 18k white gold by TACORI, suggested retail $3,390 chain included, (800) 421-9844,
Sterling silver “H” pendant by LESTAGE MANUFACTURING, suggested retail $40, (508) 695-7038,
“S” initial pendant in 14k gold with diamonds by KAMA SCHACHTER, suggested retail $149, (91) (22) 28293901,
“C” pendant in 18k white gold with diamonds by ROBERTO COIN, suggested retail $380 chain included, (800) 853-5958,
“Chain Letter” collection in 14k gold by DANA-DAVID, chains and letters sold separately for layering, suggested retail chain with star charm $165, uppercase letters $120, lower case $90, (800) 837-1570,
Charm in 14k gold and sterling silver by BECKY KELSO, suggested retail $165, (707) 823-0224,
Monogram necklace in 14k gold from the HONEYBEE COLLECTION, suggested retail $455 chain included, (404) 915-2738,
Sterling silver charm necklace with large initials, birthstone, and agate on chain by MELISSA JOY MANNING, suggested retail $465, (510) 465-4413,
Initial 14k white gold pendant with diamond border, suggested retail $2,400, and 18k yellow gold crest pendant with diamond bale, suggested retail $1,400, by KAMOFIE DESIGNS, (213) 622-6586,
Love letters by MAURI PIOPPO, suggested retail $420 for one charm and $150 for each additional, (914) 773-7737,
Initial pendants in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold with 0.30 carats of diamonds by SOFER JEWELRY, suggested retail $800, (800) 307-6337,
“A” Boleyn initial necklace in sterling silver by WENDY BRANDES, suggested retail $300 chain included, (212) 414-1909,
“N” 18k gold initial with diamond accents by ATELIER MINYON, suggested retail $1,350, (646) 478-7220,
Recycled sterling silver pendant by LORI BONN, suggested retail $68 including chain, (510) 286-8181,
Sterling silver “A” initial pendant by SARA BLAINE, suggested retail $30, (770) 650-0999,
Pendant in 18k gold, diamond, and onyx by GIORGIO VISCONTI, chain included, (800) 670-6003,
Diamond disc initial “B” 14k gold necklace by KC DESIGNS, suggested retail $650 chain included, (212) 921-9270,
“Letters Forever” initial pendant in 14k gold with diamonds by SAMUEL B. COLLECTION, suggested retail $350 to $399 chain included, (800) 848-3620,