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IGI to Grade Tanzanite
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The International Gemological Institute will be the first laboratory in the U.S. to offer tanzanite reports with the Tanzanite Foundation’s “Tanzanite Quality Scale” grading system.

The foundation developed the scale to reinforce consumer confidence in tanzanite, to allow for direct comparability, and to increase price consistency. The scale describes hue but grades intensity, clarity, and cut.

The IGI grading certificates will also provide assurance that the tanzanite inspected is authentic and of natural origin, from the world’s only known tanzanite source situated in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa.

The first articles of tanzanite to be graded with the new system and to obtain an IGI grading certificate will be the Tanzanite Foundation’s “Celebration of Life” jewelry design awards collection.

“IGI certification according to the tanzanite quality scale provides independent verification of tanzanite quality and authenticity, and we look forward to bringing the benefits of this exciting program to the retail community and tanzanite consumers,” says Amy Williamson of the Tanzanite Foundation.

In addition, IGI will offer Tanzanite Foundation certificates designed exclusively for Tanzanite Foundation’s members. These certificates provide additional assurance that these members operate in accordance with strict ethical standards upholding best practice principles. Tanzanite Foundation members may elect to have the icon of the Tanzanite Foundation, a mark of rarity, laser inscribed on tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry along with the certificate’s unique identification number.

A portion of the proceeds of all tanzanite purchased by the Tanzanite Foundation’s members from its producer member, Tanzanite One, is channeled back to support local communities in Tanzania.

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