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How to Sell Men Platinum
Jewelry Scene

What do men think about buying engagement rings and wedding bands? To find out, Platinum Guild International USA held focus groups with men in Chicago and Atlanta. PGI wanted to find out what would make the men, who were married and single between 24-53, more likely to choose platinum for an engagement ring or wedding band.

The focus groups indicated men were more likely to purchase platinum when being helped by a sales associate who communicated the metal's intrinsic value and inherent characteristics. Sales associates who make the metal matter to the groom and explain why it is important are more likely to close the platinum sale.

The two elements that resonated most with men were platinum's naturally white color and its ability to hold a diamond securely. The research also revealed men were more likely to purchase platinum bridal jewelry after learning about its rarity.

After closing the engagement ring sale, sales associates should begin planting the seed for his and her platinum wedding bands even if the wedding is a year away. PGI USA's research showed men were attracted to the idea of "metal harmony" between the engagement ring and his and her wedding bands. One focus group participant stated, "When I think of platinum, I think of sturdiness. Her ring is going to last forever, so I want my wedding band to do the same." More tips and free on-line platinum sales training are available at

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