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Groove Thing

Men's wedding bands are more textured than ever, with grooves and patterns that add dimension. Although plain bands are still the most common choice, many grooms are now more interested in a band that is as fashionable as it is comfortable. Details like carved reliefs, beveled cuts, twisted rope, or contrasting finishes add subtle character to a band. Discreet diamonds are another brilliant idea.

The classic metal choice is gold, with many men today selecting white gold to match the most popular engagement ring choice. Many men today prefer the heft and elegance of platinum, the most precious of metals. Others appreciate the industrial appeal of tungsten carbide and titanium. But no matter the metal, the groom's band becomes more individual with the addition of the cuts and grooves that sculpt it into a personal expression of style. Cheryl Kremkow

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14k gold ring by Dora.
14k gold by Dora.