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Gemesis Unveils Pinks
Jewelry Scene

Perhaps the most interesting, newsworthy, and important diamond at Vegas 2008 was a 3/4 carater. It sat among a parcel of the new pink diamonds unveiled by Gemesis Corp., Sarasota, Florida, the industry leader in cultured fancy yellows and oranges.

In the darkness of the Venetian’s Valentino restaurant, where Gemesis hosted the unveiling, the stone fairly leapt out to the eye, showing redness never seen outside of an Argyle pink tender. A louping of the stone showed it as a pure, unmodified red—rarest of all natural colors—the color showing itself in thin bands seen at 10x magnification, as color in all pink, red, and brown stones is not an intrinsic, or “body” color, but an illusion created by the play of light through the plastic deformation of the carbon lattice structure. The bands of this stone weren’t reddish—they were stop sign red.

Gemesis has yet to announce a price structure for their pinks, though company officials averred ranges would likely be higher than for the yellows and oranges. If the red diamond were to follow the current differential between natural and cultured yellows, however, its value would be roughly $250,000 per carat. — Ivan Solotaroff

New colors of laboratory grown diamonds
New colors of laboratory grown diamonds—a 1.03 carat red, a 0.30 carat pink, and a 0.37 carat purple—from Gemesis aren’t priced yet, (941) 907-9889.