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GemEx Launches Mark Viewer
Jewelry Scene

GemEx Systems, Mequon, Wisconsin, pioneers of performance and gem identification lab and countertop technology, unveiled the latest chapter in nifty gadgetry: countertop and hand-held viewers of ionization marks on diamond crowns, which are central to the ForeverMark unveiled by the DTC, and already adopted by a number of manufacturers as a key branding method.

“Quite a few sightholders are telling me this is going to be bigger than GemEx,” says CEO Randall Wagner, speaking of the company’s BrillianceScope machinery, software, and reports.

GemEx shares the patent on the new technology with the DTC. Versions occupy a few inches of countertop and are available at key-chain size. Ionization is created through ablation of depths of 80 nanometers, truly at molecular level. Visibility of such tiny scratches is accomplished by “surface vapor deposition.” Wagner puts it more simply: “If you want to see anything other than the ForeverMark engraved on the top of a diamond—a message, an identifying number for your factory or retail door—it’s us.” — Ivan Solotaroff