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Fashion Forward: The New Gilded Age

A funny thing happened on the way to higher gold prices. Just as in the 1970s, another era of pricey gold, designers are taking another look at gilding the proverbial lily. Many of today's consumers love the new look of bolder gold jewelry but their budgets say sterling silver. So once again we have the return of vermeil, gold plated, and even gold clad sterling silver. Mimicking the fashionable look of bolder karat gold, including rose gold, at lower price points, this new generation of gold-looks is being merchandised as "tricolor sterling silver." Perhaps this new term is a better way to explain the look and segment this hot new category that appeals to the self-purchasing woman. Displaying these looks with your fashion-oriented silver also helps differentiate them from the karat gold jewelry in your store.

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jewelry by Angelique de Paris
Angelique de Paris' "Jezebel" caramel resin and 18k gold vermeil super wide cuff, and black and amber resin and 18k gold vermeil cuff, suggested retail $840 and $600, (610) 782-7227. Argento Vivo's hammered vermeil collar, (888) 695-6900.