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Fashion Forward: The Keshi Chronicles
Fashion Forward

No gemstone seems more appropriate for this season's most popular trend, refined organics, than the keshi pearl. Often known as the "pearl of connoisseurs," keshi pearls come in a wide range of sizes, varieties, and price points, from freshwater to akoya and Tahitian. Shapes suggest rose petals, rice grains, raisins, and pebbles. Keshi also have beautiful luster and their irregular shapes accentuate their glow. Their versatility allows plenty of opportunities to mix these natural nacre shapes into all types of jewelry designs. Designers are accentuating its naturalistic form in styles that range from classic to cutting edge.

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A. Jeschel necklace
A. Jeschel's necklace with rhodochrosite , keshi pearls, freshwater pearls, and gold vermeil, suggested retail $1,490, (305) 285-4880