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Fashion Forward: Lucky Charms

The latest trend to pop out of the ever-popular charm category features some of the oldest designs and symbols ever worn. From the day humankind started accessorizing, talismans of good luck, good fortune, and positive thinking became sought-after items. The same holds true today. While technology leaps ahead every hour, consumers are grabbing onto a piece of the past: charms, icons, and motifs that supposedly bring good luck or ward off evil.

Superstitious? Perhaps. A fun, lighthearted way for consumers to express themselves? For sure.

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good luck charms
Clockwise from top: Multicultural good luck charms in 14k gold from Rembrandt Charms, (800) 828-7840. Hot pepper wedding cake pull, a southern tradition, in sterling silver from Mignon Faget, (800) 524-1402. Four-leaf clover in 14k gold looking glass from De-Ani, (888) 343-3264. Brazilian 18k gold charms for luck and strength on leather cord from Fiamma, (305) 373-8556. Winged heart necklace in sterling silver from Anomaly Jewelry, (212) 477-3439.