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Fashion Forward: Hidden Treasures

Lockets may be an old fashioned concept, but they are getting a twenty-first century facelift. The new age locket is the same inside, with a special, secret place to keep a photo or other remembrance of a loved one hidden next to the heart. But the outside is now just as important, adding a refined and glamorous touch to this most personalized of pieces with engraving, pavé, and even enamel. Some sleek and sophisticated versions may not even be immediately recognizable as a locket. Pretty, updated styles are making lockets a sought-after item for bridal and other special occasions, too. And with the trend still strong toward layered necklaces, the locket is right at home nested among longer length necklaces.

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Echo of the Dreamer's sterling silver white crane locket
Echo of the Dreamer's sterling silver white crane locket, suggested retail $260, and sterling silver, hematite, and pearl necklace, suggested retail $340, (212) 594-8022.
© Photography by Chris Trayer