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Fashion Forward: Greener Pastures

Grass isn't the only thing that is greener on the other side of the fence. For years, emerald seemed to be the only green gemstone acceptable to consumers. That, however, has changed. Many green gemstones—once destined to be corralled into oblivion—are suddenly acceptable, even coveted. Chief among the "newcomer" greens are prehnite and green quartz. While quartz in sea shades may be referred to as green amethyst or the more technical prasiolite, its popularity has less to due with its name than with its soft, sea foam color which blends well with this year's pastel palette. Other green gems such as grossular garnet, beryl, chrysoprase, chrysoberyl, and tourmaline are leaving their salad days behind to join peridot and tsavorite as perennial favorites.

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Mark Peterson's 18k gold rope lariat
Mark Peterson's 18k gold rope lariat of freshwater pearls , purple amethyst , peridot, and prasiolite briolettes, suggested retail $1,750, (212) 221-6593.