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Fashion Forward: Brown Jewels

If there's one gemstone color that has undeniably been resurrected, it's brown, which has gone from rejected to coveted. Favorite tawny shades this season include transparent gems, like champagne, cognac, and chocolate diamonds, and smoky quartz; opaque gems like agates, druzy quartz, brown pearls, and tiger's-eye; and even other materials like wood and new brown gold. Nothing exemplifies jewelry's warmer palette better than these earthy tones. Brown combines well with white metals and yellow and rose gold. Combined with other gem colors, brown is the ideal foil, the first truly neutral gemstone. Indeed, brown is gaining momentum due in part to its rise as a year-round fashion basic in ready-to-wear and home furnishings. In fine jewelry, brown creates an understated drama that appeals to a broad range of consumers.

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Konstantino Treasures' pendant
Konstantino Treasures' square smoky quartz and sterling silver pendant, and smoky quartz faceted bead and sterling silver necklace, (818) 461-8935.
© Photography by Chris Trayer