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Fashion Forward: Black Beauties
Black is back and these darkly dramatic styles in black metals and gems are the perfect foil for fall fashion.

Color continues to reign supreme in gemstones, gold, and even diamonds, but basic black has reemerged, too. Although black diamonds have been popular for several years, any kind of black precious metals and other materials now are making their own statement. This time, black returns as a fashion moment, not as a pervasive singular look as it was during the height of '90s minimalism. Similar to what was happening with color, these black as night looks are used for high drama and emphasis. And, like white, which has its own following, black jewelry has its place alongside the rainbow of colors that every jeweler should stock in their cases.

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Simon Alcantara necklace
Simon Alcantara’s faceted onyx beads covered in black silver with sterling silver branch closure, (212) 219-1749.
© Chris Trayer