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Fashion Forward: Best of Breed

Before you start barking at the idea of selling diamonds for a dog, cat, or even other pets, ponder this: Consumer spending on pets has doubled in the last 10 years to $38.4 billion. Although much of that spending is on food, supplies, and veterinary care, the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association says spending is increasing in high-end areas due to the influence of the baby boomers. This affluent and influential generation, many of whom are now also empty nesters, are pampering their pets with everything from gourmet pet food to, yes, even diamond jewelry. As the jewelry industry has responded to the tween and men’s markets, now pet jewelry is the latest little luxury. And as consumers celebrate their pets, they also wear pet inspired jewelry; some, in fact, can be worn by either pet or human.

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dog collar by Andrea Levine
Andrea Levine’s American alligator black leather dog collar with 14k white gold, diamond pavé “Westies” and bones details.
© Photography by Chris Trayer