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Fancy Colored Diamonds: High & Low, It's All In The Mix

Fancy colored diamonds are certainly high style these days. But they are also adding cachet and perceived value to pieces that cost much less than you might expect. Of course, yellow diamonds, whether canary, lemon, butter, or straw, dominate the market. But now that brown is the height of fashion, diamonds in unconventional fancy shades are more popular then ever.

The strongest trend in fancy colored diamonds today is multicolor diamond jewelry. Designers like Jennifer Phelps-Montgomery are mixing spicy shades with the hand of an artist. Others blend an exquisite mix of pale pastels. And, for the high-end market, a new passion for combining vivid yellow and pink, or green and pink, or blue and pink, has resulted in museum-quality creations.

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Ring by Krieger for Michael Werdiger
Ring with brown diamonds in different colors and shapes by Krieger for Michael Werdiger, suggested retail $30,100, (800) 223-7390.