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Everyday Fancies

Fancy colored diamonds are the ultimate in luxury. Demand for high-end large and fine fancy colored diamonds has hit a fever pitch and prices are skyrocketing. Celebrity trendsetters keep upping the ante in the style wars with larger and larger fancy colored diamond engagement rings and runway bling, setting an example that only the favored few can follow.

Now savvy manufacturers are creating affordable jewelry styles that also feature fancy yellow, pink, and brown diamonds. These collections are targeted at the female self-purchaser who wants a touch of celebrity glamour at a retail price of $5,000 or even less.

Playing with the colors of gold increases the impact of many of these styles and heightens the color contrast. Some use small yellows and pinks as accents. But most use yellow diamonds and white diamonds set in rose gold to give you the illusion of pink along with the yellow and white. This sleight of hand gives these pieces a high perceived value.

Everyday luxury is what most of your customers are looking for today: beautiful, wearable pieces that can be worn anywhere with jeans as well as on special occasions. These affordable fancy styles combine everyday prices with the luxury of fancies. But more importantly, they are as easy to wear and easy on the eye as they are on the wallet.

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Cheri Dori diamond ring
Ring with a 0.35 carat fancy yellow diamond and more than a carat of white diamonds from Cherie Dori, suggested retail $4,000, (800) 226-8816.