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Double Take
Last Detail

Warren Alberian and Mary Aulde have made a name for themselves with distinctive rose cut diamond and gemstone jewelry. “The problem is, however, when we wanted to add longer length necklaces. You want both the front and the back,” says Aulde. But the flat back of a rose cut gemstone made that a difficult undertaking.

The solution? What Alberian & Aulde call “Intrigue,” a way of setting two rose cut stones, a pear and oval rose cut sapphires, back to back. “They are slightly offset which makes for an interesting illusion on the stones,” Aulde says. “It seems as if there’s a third color that appears where the stones overlap.”

Besides the color play, the two shapes upon first glance seem like one of those new proprietary gem cuts. “Everyone stops and takes another look. The pairing looks like a sparkling new cut.” The team uses white and other colored, rose cut sapphires which enables Intrigue to look as important as diamonds, but at lower price points. — Jeff Prine

18k gold earrings with sapphires
Alberian & Aulde’s “Intrigue” 18k gold earrings with dual set pale colored sapphires, suggested retail $1,980.
18k gold lariat with sapphires
19-inch 18k gold lariat with dual set pear and oval rose cut sapphire stations, suggested retail $3,100, (800) 757-4728.